No Carbs… No Problem!

Soooo at the beginning of the month, I started J.J. Smith’s 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do after, but I knew I wanted to detox from the holidays and have a fresh start to staying healthy. Halfway through (second half is easier than the first half), I decided I wanted to go on J.J.’s 30 day plan after I completed this. Knowing I still couldn’t have dairy (Lord knows I love cheese), red meat, caffeine, refined sugars and carbs – I still wanted to try. After the full 10 days, to my surprise I lost 12lbs. So I’m a week into the 30 day now and my mind is constantly churning with creative ideas for meals and snacks. So for this week, I wanted to create something Asian inspired – garlic ginger shrimp with a zoodle stir fry, and cauliflower fried rice! 

Because there is so much flavor in the sides, I kept the shrimp very simple. Seasoned with salt, pepper, ground ginger, and granulated garlic – I took them and sautéed in a small amount of olive oil until no longer opaque and put them to the side. 

The zoodle stir fry smelled a-mazing! I used a spiralizer to get my zucchini noodles ready. I suggest that you salt them and sit them in a colander to allow the moisture to be drawn out. Here’s a short cut for us busy moms and wives…grab a couple bags of frozen stir fry vegetables you can steam in the bag for this recipe. And then you can add them with the zucchini noodles to make your stir fry. 

Lastly, cauliflower fried rice. I wish I could see your faces right now. Yes…cauliflower fried rice. Because pasta and rice are a no no for me you have to think outside the box. I had been hearing about cauliflower rice and thought I had to try this for myself. You do NOT cook the cauliflower first. Just take a head and cut into florets. Then put it in a food processor and pulse until the texture looks like rice. You can then proceed to make fried rice as you normally would but substitute your regular rice for the cauliflower rice! It’s delicious. All the flavor is still there! 

To keep ourselves from being bored with foods and still remaining healthy, we have to continue to try and be creative and think outside the box. If you don’t feel comfortable thinking up something on your own don’t worry, there’s a bunch of us out here willing to help along the way! 

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