The Dining Gallery

This section will be devoted to sharing my thoughts on restaurants I have visited and using inspirations to “remix” some of their recipes. I would love for you to share your journeys with us as well!


All I can say is fabulous burgers! They melt in your mouth. Patties form gently enough so that the meat crumbles when you bite it. Not just beef, but pork, turkey, chicken, and veggie versions! The Italian Job is great and my husband loves the West Coast burger. Their sweet potato fries are great and the tater tots…A-mazing! Good beer including a sampler. The ambience can be noisy on the busier weekend nights, but its definitely a great scene and a must try. Plan B is definitely on my top 3 for burgers in CT.



They currently have locations in West Hartford, CT; Simsbury, CT; Glastonbury, CT; and Milford, CT. The franchise is trying to branch to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and Georgetown.

Visit Plan B online



This for me is the best Mexican I’ve ever had. I’ve tried a few spots but they cannot compare for me…not in CT anyway. When you first sit at the table you are presented with house tortilla chips with two different sauces. The guacamole as an app is fabulous! It is made fresh to your liking right in front of your eyes. I’ve had the Burrito Mexico – carne asada option with a special white sauce; the Del Mar Fajita – grilled shrimp & scallops; and my husband’s fav is the Burrito San Jose – grilled chicken and chorizo mix.


Margaritas…abso-freakin-lutely!! Delish! Called myself thinking I could drink 2 big ones…not so much! And for dessert, I love their Churros! In CT, visit them in Manchester near the Buckland Mall or in Newington on the Berlin Tpke.

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Based on Hartford’s Farmington Ave, this place is cozy and delish! I have eaten here on several occasions and it has become a favorite. With my love of tea, I love that they have a full menu dedicated to the different types of tea they can serve to you. The lattes are also amazing. Food is different and satisfies all the senses. I have eaten at Tisane for Sunday brunch, lunch, and dinner. When I went for brunch, I had The Texas Red Eye – eggs, shaved steak, onions, and mushrooms all atop toast drizzled with buffalo sauce and cheese fondue. It was delicious! My husband tried the Newly Departed which is basically like a fried PBJ with bacon and honey on it. It was too sweet for me. He thought it was good but not something he could eat all the time. When I went there for lunch. I got the turkey bacon burger. Cook just right and great flavor. But by far, dinner is my most loved experience at Tisane – especially during the cooler months when the fireplace is going. I LOVE the Far East Nachos – the chips are won tons covered in shredded pork, onions, tomatoes, cheese, mango salsa, and cilantro…AMAZING!

They are my hubby’s favorite. Other items that I have tried that are ridiculously amazing include: Tisane Cobb Salad, Chocolate Fondue, and the Bon Ton’s.

Tisane is a great place to hang out with friends, lovers, or just yourself with a laptop or a good book. Happy Eating!

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Outside of these restaurants, you may be looking for something fun to do in CT. Whether daytime, low key, or hot night life, please check out Hartford’s Soultree Community before heading out the door!!

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