Because Bacon Makes Everything Better 

So… I sit at home sometimes and my mind wanders: clean this… do laundry… groceries… What time do I need to do this? What am I doing this weekend? On and on! Sometimes we feel like life is hectic and the only way to get a great meal is to go out to a fancy restaurant. This is soooo not true! You want something rich, but not horrible for you. Something that will be satisfying, but won’t have you asleep at the table. Well let’s bring “fancy” to the table! 

What’s better than a stuffed chicken breast??? Um… When it’s wrapped in BACON of course!!!! I could taste the flavors before I even decided to make this. Sometimes we want elevated food at home, but let’s keep it real – we just want food that tastes really good! So what could be better than a stuffed chicken breast??? A stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon!!!!!

The thing with this is that you can explore all types of flavors combinations. Spinach and ricotta… Tomato and mozzarella… Gorgonzola and green apple… The list can go on. You could even stuff meat with meat and wrap it in meat… AHHHH!! Sausage inside and bacon outside… Pepperoni… Imagine it and you can do it. My choice was to stuff the chicken with spinach, artichokes, and feta and wrap it with bacon. 

Now you can either butterfly the chicken – I know what in the world is butterfly. For those that don’t know it’s like slicing the breast in half lengthwise but not going all the way through. However, you can also cut a small slit in the top of the breast and slide he knife in. Without going all the way through, move the knife side to side and turn it creating a pocket. Either way will work, but the slit may keep the stuffing more evenly distributed. So my lesson is don’t think you can’t elevate a dish at home. Go buy some chicken and experiment. Find a flavor combination you love…share it!!! You’ll be surprise what you can do in the kitchen if you’re willing to try! 

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  1. Mom says:

    Thanks Kennisha this is a definite meal I will try for I love bacon & chicken & the combo of spinach, artichoke & feta my three favorite stuffings. These three combos can also be used I a veggie or bread dip…..God bless you & keep up the great work Chef Goddess.

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