You Fancy, Huh?

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. It gives us fuel to tackle the hours of our tedious days. However, sometimes people make breakfast boring. Who wants to each oatmeal 365 days? Then you come up with alternatives – yogurt, cereal, boiled eggs and toast. But these too can become so mundane. Sometimes we want to eat the contents of a full breakfast but we either don’t have the time or don’t want to pack up 5 containers and compile a meal at work! So what’s another option? Frittata!
When you hear the word “frittata” what do you think of? Probably something Italian. Something fancy? And there are some that may not even be familiar with the word frittata. Let me be clear. When I was young, I couldn’t tell you what a frittata was, or a quiche, or a tart… It was “do you want your eggs fried, scrambled, sunny side up, or an omelette?” Having an omelette was always a special thing because scrambled eggs were eaten all the time. With pancakes, waffles, steak, grits, biscuits, hash, and whatever else. An omelette was packed full of goodness and could be whatever you conjured up that day or uses leftovers in the house. 

Guess what? A frittata – same thing! It’s basically an open-faced omelette. Anything you can think of putting in an omelette you can put in a frittata. First pick your protein. You can use bacon, ham, sausage, veggies crumbles, etc. I settled on sausage this time. Next, decide the veggies you want to use. It can be any mix you want. This frittata has red onions, green peppers, red peppers, portobello mushrooms, and spinach. Now, depending on the size of your frittata, you will select your eggs and beat them. Lastly, choose which cheese you would like to use as a topping (optional). I opted for cheddar jack. 

Now what? The first thing you want to do is cook your protein in a skillet, then use some of the drippings from the meat to cook your veggies. Once completed, dump the two into a oven safe dish coated with cooking spray. Next, take you beaten eggs and pour them evenly over the top of the mixture. If you are using cheese, now is the time to layer the top of the egg mixture with the shredded goodness. I follow that up by sprinkling some parsley on top and cook it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. End result… Silky, savory, flavorful goodness. Serve it with sour cream, Tabasco, a side of wheat toast, or all of the above. Enjoy and let your friends and family see how fancy you can be! 


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