Father’s Day Roll-up

Most people celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day by taking their spouses out to dinner. With my husband, I know he would usually prefer my cooking over anything else (notice I say usually…). So for this Father’s Day, I started off cooking a pancake breakfast for my husband and son, relaxed a little with them,…

Abundance of Gratitude

Holiday time is almost over. Year after year people tend to follow the same cycle…start the season talking about what they’re thankful for and then ending the year talking about how much they either loved it or how things will be different the following year. This Thanksgiving I was more thankful than I can express….

Year of Thanks

Welcome to the holiday season! For many its jumping on a plane or in a car to visit with family. For others, it’s welcoming their loved ones into their home to celebrate. For me this year, it was neither. Loved ones traveled and we were unable to and I almost didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving….

Football Fantasy

That time of the year is slowly approaching…The Super Bowl! This event can mean different things to different people. But one thing is for sure, people watch this game more than any other football game. Even those who may not have watched any other game the whole season. Hardcore fans and neutral spectators watch TV…