Year of Thanks

Welcome to the holiday season! For many its jumping on a plane or in a car to visit with family. For others, it’s welcoming their loved ones into their home to celebrate. For me this year, it was neither. Loved ones traveled and we were unable to and I almost didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving.
Then I thought…I still have my own little family of my most dear right here and many things to be thankful for – my house, my future, and my little boy! So I grabbed those groceries, turned on the soulful holiday music, and got that oven heated up!!

The protein of choice was turkey. Some may say “duh” but not everyone likes turkey. However, that’s not me lol. It was tender and juicy from all the brining & seasoning. Especially poultry’s best friend – Bell’s Seasoning!


I debated on the veggie I was going to use, but it just didn’t seem right to not have my collards! Everyone has their own technique. Whether they use ham hocks, neck bones, or smoke turkey legs, it’s still delicious! Also, cranberry sauce is yum but Ocean Spray provided that for me. Didn’t make that this year!


Next, I decided to change up my stuffing. I wanted to make a cornbread & sausage stuffing! It was a great change. So great my husband said he only wants this stuffing going forward. With that had to also be my fabulous Mac & Cheese!! More like macaroni pie, this side is so flavorful and makes you want to keep eating it! So Mac & Cheese has so much cheese and oil that it leaves a pool of grease under all your food…no thanks!! Cheese with a little macaroni is not my idea of delish! But this – it’s sooo yummy!


Lastly, there HAD to be a dessert! Everyone always suspects me to make a pound cake or a cheesecake, but this year I wanted it to be different. I chose to make a Pineapple Coconut Cake! Four layers of golden vanilla cake…three layers of pineapple coconut mousse…topped with more pineapple coconut mousse and sealed with coconut flakes all over! It looked like it was covered with snow! I put a slice over a thin layer of vanilla ice cream…OMG this cake is the TRUTH!!


I am so glad I decided to cook after all. It’s in my spirit I guess. I just couldn’t let it fly by! And to see my baby boy sit in his high chair at the head of the table with us and eat turkey…what a memory! I love my little family and it was definitely an array of food that comforts the soul and warms the heart!


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  1. Mom says:

    Hey i will take a plate to go…yum…see you at Christmas.

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