Pregnant Girl Craving of the Day: Pancakes

Sooo I love breakfast, but not everyone’s! I mean it has to be some good food to meet my breakfast standards. I have tried different restaurants and diners, even tried different things at home. Most of the time people have gotten it right, but there are times it’s been WRONG. Ask my husband, I critique it all!

I like the traditional scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast; but I love grits & eggs with homemade biscuits (with jam of course). I could even go for fish and grits or pink salmon with an egg over easy. Home fries…French toast…turkey sausage…ok ok this could go on forever! However, there has been one thing I have not been able to get used to at a restaurant – pancakes! No matter where I went I either tried pancakes and didn’t like them so I have given them to my husband to eat OR I just refuse to try them for fear of being let down. Even at home, pancakes were always good, but there was something more I wanted in flavor, texture, & fluffiness. LOL

Today, I think I finally found my heavenly marriage of ingredients and technique! I craved pancakes so bad this morning, but didn’t know if I should even try. But I had a thought and just got right to it! Every good batter starts with a great base…


This star is my “cake” flour in this recipe. It’s like my Swan Down flour if I were in my baker’s world. Although, this job was pretty much like baking! So, I proceed to get the rest of my ingredients assembled before I begin: milk, eggs, baking powder, vanilla, and sugar


Now I’m ready to get everything married together. I follow my normal baking recipes pretty closely, but with this, if you follow Bisquick or any other box recipe for that matter, you pretty much just throw everything together. I like to cook with a little more love than that. To me getting those eggs in that mixer and beating them until they’re frothy helped keep these pancakes fluffy. Then adding the rest of the “wet” ingredients before adding the “dry” a little at a time reminding me of baking a cake. Soooo that’s how I did it instead. Now that we have a luscious batter, we’re ready to cook these puppies!

You can use a skillet or griddle. Be sure to use a good nonstick cooking spray before you put down each set of pancakes. Once they were down, I buttered them with my new fav: Brummel & Brown. It’s made with yogurt and still has great buttery goodness in flavor.


And when I was all done…I presented my masterpiece.


OMG!!! You want to talk about melt in your mouth yummy?? That’s how I felt after I tasted these! Drizzle your favorite syrup over the top and you’re golden! I will be sharing the recipe and techniques I used in full in the recipe section of my blog so don’t you worry! Pregnancy craving of the day = fulfilled!

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