Vermont…Not Just Maple Syrup – Part II

After a long Wednesday, we were now in for a long Thursday! Before our meetings began, we stopped for a quick bite. Across the street from the hotel was Burlington Bay Market & Cafe. I grabbed some coffee – Caramel Vanilla Cream and a freshly made sandwich – bacon, egg, and cheese on a hard roll. Then it was off we go!


The day was so hectic and many people to see. Had a lunch meeting and didn’t even get to have lunch! So next thing to look forward to was dinner! A bunch of us got together and decided to explore The Farmhouse. There was a beer exclusive to Vermont that everyone was talking about – Heady Topper. A few of us decided to give it a taste – hoppy and definitely not “your momma’s beer”.


We took our seats once everyone had arrived. Appetizers were ordered as well as a glass of Ice Cider for me. The waitstaff brought out various items. Of course a cheese plate. There was also a garlic toast with honey & blue cheese fondue, a plate with tapenade and rabbit with crackers, and mussels. Everything was delicious but I couldn’t try the rabbit…not quite there mentally yet…LOL. The Ice Cider was a great wine. Tasted like apple cider – crisp & refreshing.



Next was the main entree. I ordered the meatloaf which was a combo of organic, vegetarian fed beef & pork. It was served alongside mashed potatoes, and veggies. The waitress told me she had a cider on tap as well so I got a glass of that to sip with my meal. Scrumptious! I finished the meal off with dessert which was a Cookies & Cream Cheesecake. Just the right size, texture, and taste to top off the night.



But it wasn’t over…we took a walk down Church Street which is lined with strings of lights and spakles at night. We stopped into a little bar called Ake’s Place for a few drinks.



One vodka cran may have turn into 3 or 4…that’s what happens when you go out in groups. Drinks magically appear in your hand. I was ready for bed!!! And so ended Day 2…

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