Pies Don’t Always Have to Be Sweet

I’m not sure about you, at this point, I’m over the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures! I guess you’re pain point depends where in the country you are, but this New Englander is over it! However, during the cold months one of the best things is good comfort food. Comfort food warms the body and soul and most time is so comforting because of the nostalgia it brings. For many people it could be a good mac-n-cheese or some other pasta dish. For others it could be a their grandmother’s chicken and dumplings, heir father’s chili, or their mom’s shrimp and grits. The list can go on and on. For me, one of the dishes I think of that warms and comforts me is a good pot pie! Soooo delish! 

For this post, I will concentrate on the Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie. So rich, creamy, flaky, and full of flavor and nutrients. Depending on the amount of time you have available you can roast the chicken yourself or buy a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and pull the meat off. In my recipe, I roasted my chicken in the oven myself. This allows me to control the flavor of each part of this dish. You can get use a poultry seasoning or an Italian seasoning along with olive oil to season your chicken pieces. Plus, when you cook it yourself, the smell that fills your house will only increase the family’s  anticipation to try the yummy finished product. Whichever way you decide, pull the meat off the bones and cut it into cubes (or the closest you can get to it LOL). Now, onto the part your kiddies may not like, but will probably eat in this dish – the veggies. You can use fresh, canned, or frozen. For me, I keep frozen on hand and that’s my go to. I use mixed vegetables to have a little of everything. Depending on the size pot pie your making you can use one bag or two. So what about your base? What’s going to make this rich and velvety? Cream soups are great bases. And since I wanted a traditional pot pie taste, I used condensed cream of chicken soup. Trust me there are other ways to do this, but with a young child, working full time and other ventures, this is an awesome alternative for me right now! 
All these ingredients should be married in your pot together. Be sure to salt to taste! You may need to thin it out a little because it is condensed soup. Use a good chicken stock for that. Now that flaky, butter crust…where does that come in you say? I know, that’s everyone’s favorite part. I love breaking it part into the pot pie and mixing it all up together! The best crust for me is puff pastry. Now this part is completely up to you. Are you a single or double kinda person? I’m talking about the crust that is! Some like crust on top only and some want it on the top and bottom. You decide! My husband loves top and bottom crust. My waistline…maybe not so much! šŸ˜© My most recent creation is pictured below. Don’t mind the crust this time. I’m usually such a perfectionist but I had limited time. I know you all still love me!
Your path to create this dish is truly up to you. If you don’t like chicken, don’t use it. There are so many options with a pot pie. All you need is a good base which could be a cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, gravy, or even Alfredo sauce. Your meat could be chicken, beef, turkey, or even seafood (careful with this one because overlooking could make mush pie)! You can use whatever vegetables you want – maybe potatoes with the beef, broccoli with the seafood. And your “crust” or “topping” could be puff pastry, biscuits dough, pie crust, or even crescent roll dough! The combinations are endless! Give it a try. Get in that kitchen and give your counter a blessing! 
***The full recipe for Ultimate Chicken Pot Pie will be posted in the recipe section***

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