Hello world!

I have been told on many occasions that I should start a blog. I didn’t understand why until recently. My husband said it best, “Other people need to know about this!” My relationship with food is a very passionate one. I grew up living with my maternal grandparents – my grandmother born & raised in Georgia and my grandfather born & raised in Jamaica. It was inevitable that I would love food. All different types. Not only that, but I wanted to COOK it. Cooking is like being a potter and your ingredients the clay. You can’t wait to see the creation that your hands made and you want to share it with everyone. Food can mean so many things to so many people. A taste or smell can remind you of a family member, a fun pastime, or a comforting memory. I am here to share with you the treks I take with food – whether it’s in my kitchen or on the road. I may share a recipe or I may just reminiscence. I want to show people the fusion between this woman that’s part southern bell & part Caribbean firecracker.

I’m sorry that the start of this comes slightly later than my feasts from the previous week. Because the holidays had passed, I was in the mood for comforting food. So last week I started the new year with a beef roast with potatoes and carrots. Next, I piggy backed off that with a homemade chicken pot pie. Then, I rounded off the weekend by making a Turkey and Bean Chili. I haven’t decided what is on the homefront for next week’s food theme, if any at all. However, if anyone has ideas, I would love to hear them!


Please come and take a ride with me as I go on this food journey..warming your hearts and comforting you mind, body, and soul. Hopefully I can inspire you to bring blessings to your counters!

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  1. I too am a new foodblogger, having started KitchenCauldron: Recipes, Remembrances and All Things Foodie in October. I saw your comment while reading a bit of the Domestic Diva, M.D. blog and thought I’d check yours out. Congrats – you’ve made a terrific start! I’ll look forward to seeing other posts (I have to go back to your main page now to see how to sign up for them). I’m finding that I love doing my food blog, even though it can be time-consuming. It’s creative work, which tends to be fun for me – just like cooking, baking & writing in general! I have much to learn about WordPress, but have come a long way in a short time. And there’s more I want to add… pages, that is…

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