Comforting Memories

Well, I heard on the news that the temperature is supposed to change significantly. Considering that this season hasn’t been the usual winter wonderland. One fluke snowstorm around Halloween and that’s it…fine by me. However, these cold month make me reminiscence about winter times in my grandparents kitchen. My grandma used to always sit in the kitchen drinking her Maxwell House coffee or working word search puzzle with a blanket drape over her knees.  My grandfather always sat in the same seat next to the window by the back door. He was always looking to make sure you wiped your feet when you came in the house…and please….PLEASE wipe your feet!!! There was always something cooking. My bedroom was on the upstairs floor, but the alluring scents always streamed through my bedroom door.  Every year when it gets cold, I crave something in particular…RED PEA SOUP!

This is by far one of my favs. It warmed up every ounce of my body. Forget chicken soup for the soul. It was red pea soup for the soul for me.  There was beans, yams, potatoes, dumplings, beef…OMG! It just melted in your mouth. I tried to ask my grandmother for the recipe once and she said she didn’t have one. And back then, who wrote anything down??? No one. It was a dash of this, a little of that, handful of this, etc. It always came out perfect. I have asked some of my friends if they had a recipe. The verdict is still out on that. I am terrified to just pick one from the internet for fear of its lack of authenticity! So my search continues. With a laundry list of ingredients, an earthy scent, and a taste that will warm you inside and out, it is hard to miss. If you or anyone you know has seen a Jamaican red pea soup recipe, please consult Counter Blessings!!

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  1. So…this is what me mudda in law fi tell me.

    Place one bag of red peas in a large pot of cold water. Mek it boil up, and add more cold water to cover the peas dem. Once they drop to the bottom of the pot, add salt beef or another meat of your choice, and let it boil up again. Add irish potato, sweet potato, yam, and dumpling, making sure there is enough water to cook all of these. Season it with salt, pepper, and scallions, until the vegetables are fully cooked and the broth is the consistency you want. Voila.

  2. Ganine says:

    That looks so good, we need the recipie

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