Springtime Indulgences

I was looking through the Sunday paper today. Skimming the different sections. Then I stumbled upon the center of that monstrous stack of news – the weekly advertisements. Of course I put my favorites to the side and left the rest for my husband. As I began turning pages, among other things I saw a 60″ LCD HDTV that I kept staring at, coupons for my next grocery trip, and bathing suits. Bathings suits??? It can only mean one thing. Spring is not too far away. Although Jack Frost is nipping at our noses right now, I can’t help but to pray it will be short lived.

When I think of Spring, the first thing that comes to mind is fun, sun, and good food. Spring means the beginning of those longer days of sunshine and shorter dark nights. It means rain will come in to wash that dirty snow away and make room for the flower to bloom. It also means time to break out the grill! I know some of you may say, “I grill all year long. Even in the snow!” Well…good for you, but that’s just not us! Grilling in the winter time in New England…umm no! That’s what my grill pans are for.

It was Spring when we bought our grill last year. We couldn’t wait to use it. Especially since the year prior we were in an apartment in which we could not own one. My husband would be the master of this outdoor domain, while I remained the domestic diva in my kitchen. That smoky aroma that snuck through my patio doorway was mouthwatering. There were a few times I had to peak outside. It was chicken. Two whole chickens being grilled to perfection. He brought the finished product inside.


Then he carved them up so nicely to make individual servings.


Next came my contribution to this tender goodness. I decided that garlic mashed potatoes and green beans would compliment the plate perfectly. It was all rounded out by a honey barbeque glaze the hubby slathered on the chicken. Voila…dinner is served!


So I will sit and wait patiently for the day the spring rain comes in to wash away the dirty snow and make room for the flowers to bloom.

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