Pound Cake Pyramid

Close your eyes…imagine sitting in the kitchen of a warm & cozy home. You catch a whiff of something that makes your mouth water. You’re not quite sure what it is. It could be a myriad of delectable treats or one really special dish. While you sit, you see smiles, but sometimes frowns; hear laughter, but sometimes sniffles; feel love, but sometimes sadness. This could sound like various homes, but maybe it’s your home or mine…


When growing up, major holidays were pretty much always celebrated at my grandparents’ house. These were my mom’s parents and I grew up in their home. Like many of my friends, three generations were under one roof – grandmother, daughter, and granddaughter. All the women tried to help each other in the kitchen. And if for some reason my mom wasn’t there because of work, my “Aunt Bob” was a suitable stand in. We are the generational pyramid.


Now my mom and her older sister, the second generation, are the middle of the pyramid. They are an extension on the base. They have learned from their foundation and have built upon it. They have taken their knowledge and allowed it to bloom into something greater. They have the base skills plus additional ones they have learned along the way. This is pretty much accurate. Both of these women can cook. Their palate may have different stages of maturity, but they remember from whence their taste buds first became enhanced.

Finally, you have me. I am the third generation, the apex of the pyramid. I have retained knowledge from both the base and middle tiers. I have an arsenal of recipes and a passion for all types of food. The heart & soul of all three generation is released within my creations for the world to experience in every bite. I am the ultimate tier. But being at the top can carry extra attention and extra pressure. Pressure to be like the previous generations – especially in the kitchen.

There is an array of dishes that my grandparents, my aunts, and my mom have cooked. I have dabbled in many of them. It may have been an entree of soul food, a meal of West Indian cuisine, or a fabulous dessert. Of all things I have attempted from my predecessors, my most proud gem is my pound cake.


This treat is scrumptious and can sometimes be mind blowing to guests. It is so buttery, rich, and delicious! I have remixed the original recipe slightly to make it my own. It is especially popular around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you can eat it all year round – with tea, coffee, milk, or solo. There are all different kinds of pound cake, but trust me, you’ll want to taste mine! One day I will become the base of a generational pyramid. I can only hope my children and grandchildren will learn from me like I learned from my predecessors…

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  1. josie says:

    I still have not mastered the perfect exterior. How do you do this?

    1. It’s a secret 😉

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