Cutting Fat without Cutting Flavor…My New Lasagna

Being a devout Weight Watchers member, I’ve always been able to find a way to turn my favorite dishes into healthier alternatives. I’ve switched and replaced common ingredients as well as accommodated new ones. As a cook, it is very exciting to be able to mix it up in the kitchen and try new things!

With holidays not that far behind us, I have tried remixes on many of my comfort foods already – mac & cheese, candied yams, soups, stews, and cheesecakes. However, this weekend was almost a major obstacle for me. I went back & forth on what i wanted to make for Sunday dinner.

With Weight Watchers, you track your food and I usually build my own recipes using their online tools. My online account was down and i was going hysterical because I didn’t want to manually track all this food! However, I made it through. There was an entree that I had not cooked or eaten in a long time and I spotted it in WW’s “The Best Darn Foods” cookbook…lasagna!! I ended up putting my own spin on it to increase flavor but that only consisted of additional seasonings & veggies.


I started my meal with a fresh mixed green salad and a glass of white wine. Next was the main course – Turkey, Spinach, and Mushroom Lasagna served up with some warm garlic bread…and…another glass of wine. It was filling and satisfying. Previously, when I thought about lasagna all I could picture was loads of meat and ricotta and shredded cheese. With this recipe, you don’t need all that and still not sacrifice flavor. It had been over a year, maybe two, since I’ve made lasagna and I still had those warm memories inside. It is definitely and example of cutting the fat without cutting the flavor.


This will be posted in the “recipe” section soon.

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