Girls Night In

For a couple of months I had been planning a girls night in. There had been reschedules due to conflict, but a date was finally locked. We talked about going out for dinner, but they wanted to come to my house – Chez Flewellen as they call it. Sometimes girls just need to get together and laugh, cry, share secrets, or just act silly!


The menu was selected. Salmon, mashed potatoes, and cabbage. My friend was Coming by with popcorn and a bottle of wine. This was going to be a good night. I was ready. The hubby was stepping out and the ladies were taking over.

When my friend arrived, dinner was still in progress. We sat and chatted at the table over an appetizer of shrimp cocktail…enjoying our visit together.


Once dinner was finalized, she set the table and then we gathered onto our plates the components of our main course. Together we began to partake in good food, wine, and conversation.


Upon finishing, we grabbed the bottle of wine and moved on to the living room. It was movie time! Bridesmaids was the selection. It was nice to hear laughter ring throughout the house. To laugh so loudly without a care felt so good for my soul. We nibbled on popcorn and sipped on the remaining wine.



Later, dessert was quickly grabbed during “our intermission”. A slice of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Yummy!


The movie soon came to a close and the night was about to be wrapped up. We called it quits a little after midnight. It was so needed. Can’t wait for another night with the girls to enjoy good food, wine, and conversation…

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