Sound Bite: Italian Sausage

Most likely every time you look in my freezer Italian sausage will be one of the meats in there. Why do I like it? It’s such a good staple and can be used in a variety of dishes!


Italian sausage can be cooked whole, sliced and cooked, and even removed from the casing and browned up. It can be added to pasta dishes such as spaghetti sauces, baked ziti, and lasagna. You can make homemade pizzas or calzones and use it as one of your toppings. Italian sausage can help make a hearty sausage sub with onions and peppers. Throw it in soups, frittatas, omelets, and the list goes on and on!! Cook up a batch and use half in one dish and half in another to plan for dinner for the week! Whether it’s pork or turkey; sweet, hot, or mild, it can still be delicious. Grab yourself a pack next time you visit the grocery store and get creative!

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  1. Kay says:

    Wow I didn’t know italian sausage had so many uses. I can’t wait to try them in a new dish. Thanks for sharing!!!

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